Questions about Small Groups?


The best way to grow in God's Word and to connect and be a part of the church is to join a small group. At HTC we offer small groups for everyone from age 18 to 100+! For the younger kiddos, please check out HTC Kids & Gforce and for Middle School and High School check out H2O. Groups are listed starting from Sunday small groups through Saturday small groups.

  • Re-Engage

    Sunday Evenings

    mapDagsboro, DE


    Audience: Married Couples

    Leaders: Kyle and Jennifer Siptroth

    Location: 29774 Sawmill Drive, Dagsboro, DE 19939

    Time: 7:30pm-9pm

    Number of Sessions: 11

    Contact: | 321.917.4060 (cell)

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    Re-engage is for marriages in their early to even more seasoned stages to reconnect and get rejuvenated. Re-engage brings couples together to learn about God’s design for marriage and apply biblical principles for building a healthy relationship. Our goal is to help you grow in your relationship with your spouse, with other couples, and with God. We will be meeting over the course of 11 weeks to cover important topics that are relevant to all marriages including how to manage conflict, how to communicate, and the power of forgiveness and grace. We will be utilizing the Re-Engage workbook and other resources to help understand God’s design for marriage. Each week we will dig into a new topic and supporting scripture that will help to uncover things about ourselves as individuals and about our spouses.  You may learn something completely new about your spouse or perhaps you’ll be reminded of something that has been lost over the years. We are so excited about what God is going to do and how He will use this small group time to grow our marriages in a way that glorifies God. 


    Monday Evenings

    mapFrankford Campus

    Begins Monday, February 6, 2023

    Audience: Those Experiencing Loss

    This class is designed so that you can join the group at any time. You will always be welcomed and encouraged. Please contact Bonnie if you would like to learn more.

    Leader: Bonnie Camp

    Location: HTC Frankford Campus, 34407 Dupont Blvd., Frankford, DE 19945 (Banks Plaza)

    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Number of Sessions: 13


    GRIEF SHARE Registration

    It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now. If you've lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you've probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you've never faced before. GriefShare will help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. Each GriefShare session has three distinct elements: a video seminar, group discussion, and personal study with reflection. 

  • Men's Monday night bible study

    Monday Evenings

    mapFrankford Campus

    30 Life Principles / Charles Stanley

    Audience: Men's Group

    Leaders: Pret Dyer & Les Grow

    Location: HTC Frankford Campus, 34407 Dupont Blvd., Frankford, DE 19945 (Banks Plaza)

    Time: 7pm

    Number of Sessions: September - May

    Contact: | 302.535.4806 (cell)

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    Charles Stanley has faithfully highlighted the 30 Life Principles that have guided his life, empowered his ministry, and helped him to grow in his knowledge, service, and love of God. Now, these 30 Life Principles are available for your study and meditation. Using references from the New American Standard Bible, this 30 Life Principles Study Guide has been designed to help you apply these timeless truths to your life and enjoy life at its very best. Good for personal devotions or group studies, each section walks you through Scripture and shows you how to live the Spirit-filled, victorious life you were created for.

  • Kennedy SMall Group

    Tuesday Evenings


    Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Says You Are

    Audience: Adults 18+

    Leader: Frank Kennedy

    Location: 29416 Spy Glass Lane, Dagsboro, DE 19939

    Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

    Number of Sessions: 5

    Contact Frank Kennedy at or 302-528-4122 (cell)


  • Reeves Small Group

    TUESDAY Evenings


    Forgotten God

    Audience: Adults 18+

    rssZOOM available, please contact the leader directly for information

    Leaders: Lew & Bonnie Reeves

    Location: 34423 Sylvan Vue Drive, Dagsboro, DE 19939

    Time: 7pm-9pm

    Number of Sessions: 7 Week Study begins on April 18, 2023

    Contact: | 302.542.1333 (cell)

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    Today's church admires the gift of the Holy Spirit, but have we neglected to open it? Francis Chan tears away the wrapping paper and the ribbons to uncover the source of the believing community's true power for witness and service. He issues a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Spirit of the living God.

  • In Dyer need of Jesus

    Tuesday evenings

    mapOcean View

    The Book of James

    Audience: Adults 18+

    Leaders: Mason & Deanna Dyer

    Location: Ocean View

    Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm

    Number of Sessions: October - May

    Contact: or call/text Deanna at 909-732-7367


  • Men's Small Group

    WeDnesday Mornings

    mapFrankford campus

    Sermon on the Mount

    Audience: Men's Group

    Leader: Mark Atcherson

    Location: HTC Frankford Campus, 34407 Dupont Blvd., Frankford, DE 19945 (Banks Plaza)

    Hand Pointing Right  UPDATED START TIME: 7:30am-9:30am (Breakfast at 7:30am, study begins at 8:00am)

    Number of Sessions: September - May

    Contact: | 443.834.5612 (cell)

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  • HookED Small Group

    WEDNESDAY evenings


    The Old Testament: A Chronological Study

    Audience: Adults 18+

    Leader: Scott & Brandee Hook

    Location: 31158 Bixler Road, Selbyville, DE 19975

    Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

    Number of Sessions: 10 Weeks

    Contact: | 302.542.0916 (cell)

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    This study will look at the significant events of the Old Testament and the people involved and then put it all together on a linear timetable. We will highlight events like the fall, the flood, captivities and more. Through this study, we will discover how God was at work, the Trinity, and the Scarlet Thread, Jesus, that runs through all of Scripture.

  • Mid-Week Bible Study

    WEDNESDAY Evenings

    mapFrankford Campus

    The 16 Churches of the New Testament

    Audience: Adults 18+

    rssZOOM available, please contact the leader directly for information

    Leader: Terry Davis

    Location: HTC Frankford Campus, 34407 Dupont Blvd., Frankford, DE 19945 (Banks Plaza)

    Time: 6:30pm-8pm

    Number of Sessions: September - May [36 weeks]

    Contact: Terry Davis at

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  • Women's Group

    Thursday Mornings

    mapFrankford Campus

    The Book of JONAH...Verse-by-Verse

    Audience: Women's Group

    rssZOOM available, please contact the leader directly for information

    Leader: Lynn Davis & Elaine Atcherson

    Location: HTC Frankford Campus, 34407 Dupont Blvd., Frankford, DE 19945 (Banks Plaza)

    Time: 9am-10:30am

    Number of Sessions: April 20-May 11, 2023

    Contact: Lynn at or Elaine at

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  • Women'S Group

    Thursday Evenings

    mapVarious Locations

    Philippians Study

    Audience: Women's Group

    Leaders: Sharon Tablada

    Location: Various Homes

    Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

    Number of Sessions: May 11 - June 1, 2023

    Contact: Sharon at or 410-925-6167

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    We will use the inductive Bible study method to observe, interpret, and apply the scriptures to our life. Sorry we are unable to accommodate children.

  • Small Group

    Thursday evenings


    The Book of Daniel

    Audience: Adults 18+

    Location: 26329 Wild Air Way, Millville, DE 19967

    Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

    Number of Sessions: January - May

    Contact: Gary Harne at or 410-404-4636

  • Divorce Care

    Saturday Mornings

    mapFrankford Campus

    Saturday Morning Group

    Audience: Those Who are Separated or Divorced

    Leader: Charmaine Barnes

    Location: HTC Frankford Campus, 34407 Dupont Blvd., Frankford, DE 19945 (Banks Plaza)

    Time: 9am-11am

    Number of Sessions: September - May

    Contact: Charmaine Barnes:

    Divorce Care Registration

    What is DivorceCare? DivorceCare’s life-changing support groups welcomes people and guides them on the path of recovery after separation or divorce. Over 1 million people have found comfort and hope through this 13-week, video-based series. To get some more background on this amazing program, check out THE Video

HTC Small Groups Mission Statement

To grow in Christlikeness through knowledge of the Word and its application to our lives, yielding a personal spiritual transformation.