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The best way to stay on track is to get On Track!

At HTC we know that your relationship with Jesus is something that continues to move forward. Staying in one spot is not what we were called to do. We are living and active parts of the Body of Christ. He calls us to go out and make disciples [Matthew 28:19] and that can't be done if don't continue to grow. That's why we have put together On Track! This isn't a check list, it's a process that requires us to be involved in each step of the journey—continually. 

  • Belong

    Everything has a beginning [Genesis 1:1]. Whether you are new to HTC or a new believer, your faith journey has a beginning too. It started when you surrendered your life to Jesus - you became a new person [2 Corinthians 5:17]. Now it's time for the Next Step.  Attending Next Step class is where you will learn more about HTC and what we believe, about baptism and about church membership. 

  • Grow

    Whether you become a member at HTC or decide to wait, the most important thing is to grow in your relationship with Jesus. A great way to do this is by getting connected to a Small Group! We have small groups for everyone—check out the complete list on We also offer discipleship seminars and a great class called Moving Forward. If you are not sure where to begin, stop at the Welcome Desk and we will help you get started or email us at OFFICE@HIGHTIDECHURCH.ORG. We are happy to help you!


  • Serve

    As you continue your walk with Jesus, you will naturally be reflecting the light of Jesus and will be moved to serve others. Some people have the gift of hospitality; for others it’s organization, or maybe it’s compassion; God created us to use these gifts for His purpose. Not sure about your gifts? We offer a wonderful class called  S.H.A.P.E. This class will help you discover your gifts. S.H.A.P.E. is offered twice a year.

  • Go!

    You are growing and your relationship with Jesus is getting stronger. You began your journey by accepting Jesus; then you started attending your local church (HTC). Next, you went to Moving Forward and now you  meet regularly in a Small Group. You have been serving in a Ministry—maybe it’s the children’s ministry or tech team—but what now? NOW, it’s time to take it to the road and GO! Maybe God is calling you to go overseas on a missions trip, or open up your backyard and invite friends over to hear about Jesus. Your mission field is right were you are and God is calling you to go out and spread the Gospel message to everyone [Romans 1:16]. So now, take time to pray and listen. Listen to the Lord as He leads you to how you should be sharing the Gospel.