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The best way to stay on track is to get On Track!

At HTC we know that your relationship with Jesus is something that continues to move forward. Staying in one spot is not what we were called to do. We are living and active parts of the Body of Christ. He calls us to go out and make disciples [Matthew 28:19] and that can't be done if don't continue to grow. That's why we have put together On Track! This isn't a check list, it's a process that requires us to be involved in each step of the journey—continually. 

Everything has a beginning [Genesis 1:1]. Your faith journey has a beginning too. It started when you surrendered your life to Jesus - you became a new person [2 Corinthians 5:17]. Now it's time for the NEXT STEP.  Attending NEXT STEP class is where you will learn about HTC and what we believe. You will learn about baptism and also about becoming a HTC member. But, most importantly, you will continue your faith walk with Jesus and grow closer to Him. Even if you have been attending HTC for years, but have never taken the NEXT STEP class, we encourage you to start right here at NEXT STEP. We all have a beginning!