Start a New Ministry

Do you have an idea to start a new ministry at HTC? The first thing to do is PRAY! Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in the direction to follow. The purpose of all ministry is to glorify the Lord, so starting in prayer is key!

Then it's time to answer some basic questions.This is the time to get thoughts together so you can present your idea to the Start A New Ministry Team.

  • Who? Who is the ministry for?
  • What? What is the new ministry you want to start?
  • When? When will the group meet?
  • Where? Where will the group meet?
  • Why? Why do you want to start this ministry?

Once these questions are answered, the Start a New Ministry Team will help you with the "How!"

Start a New Ministry Team


Dan Marren

Roy Litz

How does it work?

We are currently working on a form so you can submit your request for a new ministry directly to the team leader. Please be patient, it's coming!