Tuesday Prayer: September 28

NOTE: There is no Tuesday Prayer during the summer months of June, July and August. We will resume in September!

6-8pm | Last Tuesday of Each Month | Frankford Campus

Prayer, our lifeline, our power source our personal communion with God! 

In these days of covid19, isolation and fear, we need prayer as much now as any generation has ever needed it. High Tide Church is beginning an amazing building project that will surely change our church's future in dramatic ways. It is with all of this in mind that our elders have chosen to invite our church family to a monthly time of prayer and fasting.

Retired Pastor Terry Davis will be hosting a time of prayer and fasting at the High Tide Frankford campus. On the last Tuesday of each month, from 6-8pm, the Frankford campus will be open for quiet prayer for our church building project, for our church family, and for our ministry to the community at large. 

This will not be a time of Bible study or fellowship. There will be no food or actual conversation. it will be a time of prayer. There will be no prayer list, no agenda. Our time will be focused on communing with our Father in heaven. It will be a time to humble ourselves before Him, to present ourselves as vessels to be cleansed and filled with his power and his guidance. We will ask for God's leadership in our church and community, for his forgiveness for our sins, for his protection for our families and our church leadership, and for His blessings upon HTC. 

This will be totally voluntary. You may join us at the Frankford campus or choose to pray in your own quiet place. We will ask you to consider fasting through the afternoon and evening in preparation for this time of prayer. We are expecting God to answer prayer and for our church to grow because o f a new emphasis on prayer join us if you can!