Communications Team

The Communications Team has oodles of opportunities for those who want to serve. From creating social media content, website updates, writing, data entry, systems management, photography... all of these talents can be found on this team. If you are interested in learning more about being on the Communications Team, please contact the ministry leader. 

Coming Soon! Want to be a Comm Team Intern?

We are not quite ready yet, but coming very soon is a new internship program at HTC. This is really exciting and we can't wait to share this with you. Stay tuned!

The Communications Team

Carrie Boyden // MINISTRY LEADER

Sarah Fritz

Bill Hudson

Josh Kline

Kristi Marren

What do I do on this team?

Are you good with computers and do you like to create using Adobe products or Canva or other similar software? Maybe you like to take photos or your passion is in writing content for various purposes; online or print collateral. How about doing things like systems management? All of these skills are needed on the Communications Team.  It's a fun and creative team. If you like thinking outside of the box and are looking to serve at HTC, contact the Communications Team Ministry Leader. Heart