We are so happy you are visiting HTC. Maybe you are looking around at our website or maybe you have attended a HTC service. We want you to know that we are so excited you are here and invite you to ask lots of questions too. 

HTC meets in-person, every Sunday, at the Roxana Volunteer Fire Department. We also have various small groups that meet at our Frankford Campus and at the homes of some of the small group leaders. If you are not quite ready to meet in-person, we offer Sunday Service LIVESTREAM (the  10:30am service) OR you can watch the recorded message directly from this website. 

Take a look around the website to learn more about HTC and to see all that we offer. We have a Guest Check-in Form for you to fill out. It's really quick and we ask that you fill it out so we can send you updates from time to time. We promise we won't bug you with a lot of email!

If you are a guest at HTC, please fill out this super quick Guest Sign-in form so we can send you a Hello Packet

Becoming a Member

We would love for you to join HTC. As you grow in your faith walk with Jesus, you are an example of the Love of Christ to others. Being part of a church is what we are instructed to do (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). We also know that joining a church is a very personal decision. To help you with your decision, we have created a one-day class called NEXT STEP. This is a 90-minute class designed to answer any questions you have about HTC, faith, baptism and more!